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Introduction - This website combines the resources and data from two previously separate projects: the Vulnerability Assessment of Missouri Public Drinking Water to Chemical Contamination (VA) and the Source Water Inventory Project (SWIP).  In addition we've included the on-line Missouri Source Water Assessment Plan (SWAP) document.  In June 2003, the VA project came to a funding end but several of its deliverables were picked up by SWIP.
Source Water Assessment Plan
 The purpose of this document is to describe the state of Missouriís plan for developing and implementing requirements of the SDWA Amendments of 1996 (P.L. 104-182) for state Source Water Assessment Programs [sections 1453 and 1428(b)]. The ultimate goal of this program is to protect public drinking water sources from contamination and provide safe drinking water.  more >>
Source Water Inventory Project
SWIP  SDWA Amendments of 1996 require states to implement Source Water Assessment Plans (SWAP) to better protect public drinking water from contamination. These tasks include:
  • Delineate source water areas
  • Inventory significant potential sources of contamination
  • Determine the susceptibility of each public water supply to contamination
  • Make the results available to the public
  • USEPA Source Water Protection Site

MoDNR has developed a guideline for SWAP implementation in Missouri. The identification of potential contamination sources in areas that might affect a public drinking water source is an important component of this plan.  CARES will perform this section of the plan. more >>

Vulnerability Assessment Project
VA  The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requires that each public water supply routinely monitor for specific chemicals. The Public Drinking Water Program in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) has the responsibility for testing each public water supply. However, if MoDNR can prove, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that a chemical is not present in an area which would affect a water source, then the test for that chemical at that water source can be waived. Issuance of waivers results in considerable cost savings. more >>

GIS Data  Due to security concerns, the GIS datasets have moved to a password protected website. 

For further information or to request access, please contact David Erickson, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Water Resources Center (573) 368-2332.


For more information contact David Erickson

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