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Source Water Assessment Plan - State of Missouri

Appendix D

Sources of Contaminant Information



77, 78 Licensed Commercial & Private Pesticide Applicators MDA
96, 97 Licensed Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicators & Public Operators MDA
47, 48 Licensed Pesticide (& Canceled) Applicators MDA
72 Missouri Wood Treaters MDC
5 Actual/Potential Missouri Facilities Which May Perform Wood Preservatives Treating and/or Handle Wood


10 Certified Hazardous Waste Recovery Facilities Monthly Status Summary Report MoDNR
98 EPA Method 507 Detects List MoDNR
8 Groundwater Monitoring Data Base MoDNR
52 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facilities MoDNR
2 Spill Reports MoDNR
105 Superfund Management and Registry System (SMARS) MoDNR
108 Environmental Emergency Response Incidents Involving Pesticides MoDNR/ESP
  Leaking Above Ground Storage Tanks MoDNR/ESP
  Leaking Chemical Storage Tanks MoDNR/ESP
4 Confirmed Abandoned or Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites in Missouri MoDNR/HWP
53 Hazardous Waste Transporters Licensed in Missouri MoDNR/HWP
9 Missouri Generators Waste Reports MoDNR/HWP
109 Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks MoDNR/HWP
110 Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Sites MoDNR/HWP
   Land Management Sites (Active and Abandoned) MoDNR/LRP
  Public Drinking Water Systems MoDNR/PDWP
45 Missouri Solid Waste Disposal Areas & Processing Facilities MoDNR/SWP
46 Solid Waste Database (Permitted Solid Waste Landfills, Illegal Dumps, Permitted Tire Sites) MoDNR/SWP
16 Hazardous Waste Site Sample Results MDOH
17 Private Well Sample Sites MDOH
18 Regional Surveys MDOH
3 Tier II Reports MERC
27 Storage and Retrieval of U.S. Waterways Parametric Data (STORET) NTIS
19 (CERCLIS) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, & Liability Information System USEPA
50 (ERNS) Emergency Response Notification System USEPA
51 (FINDS) Facility Index System USEPA
26 (In)Active Pesticide Producing Establishment Index/Pesticide Production and Distribution Report USEPA
64 (NPDES) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System - Permit Compliance System (PCS) USEPA
20 (NPL) National Priorities List: Sites in Missouri USEPA
69 (PADS) PCB Activity Data Base System USEPA
21 (RCRA) Resource Conservation & Recovery Act Notifiers List - Treatment, Storage & Disposal (TSD) Facilities USEPA
28 (TRI) Toxics Release Inventory USEPA
107 USEPA Envirofacts Internet-based Warehouse USEPA
41 (WATSTORE) Water Data Storage & Retrieval System USGS

Abbreviation List

ESP Emergency Services Program
DEQ MoDNR Division of Environmental Quality
HWP MoDNR Hazardous Waste Program
LRP Land Reclamation Program
MASS Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service
MERC Missouri Emergency Response Commission
MDA Missouri Department of Agriculture
MDC Missouri Department of Conservation
MoDNR Missouri Department of Natural Resources
MDOH Missouri Department of Health
MoDOT Missouri Department of Transportation
MU University of Missouri
NTIS National Technical Information Service
USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USGS United States Geological Survey
WMD EPA Waste Management Division
WRD USGS Water Resources Division

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Revised on May 05, 2008