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Welcome to the Source Water Inventory Project Website!


The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Amendments of 1996 require states to implement Source Water Assessment Plans (SWAP) to better protect public drinking water from contamination. These tasks include:
     Delineate source water areas 
     Inventory significant potential sources of contamination 
     Determine the susceptibility of each public water supply to contamination 
     Make the results available to the public 

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) has developed a guideline for SWAP implementation in Missouri. The identification of potential contamination sources in areas that might affect a public drinking water source is an important component of this plan.  CARES will perform this section of the plan.

The intent of the Source Water Inventory Project is to perform source water inventories as described in the MoDNR Drinking Water Source Water Assessment Plan. The project will focus on preparing databases for contaminant inventory support and collecting on-site data to improve contaminant inventories within source water areas.  Work will be performed for both surface and ground water systems.  The results of the SWAP findings will be made available to the public via this website.

Project Profile
Find out what this project is all about and learn the specific tasks involved
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning source water protection
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Land Use Maps
Download the land use maps used in this project
GIS Data Notice: Due to security concerns, the GIS datasets have moved to a password protected website.  For further information or to request access, please contact David Erickson, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Public Drinking Water Program, (573) 751-5331. Reports  
Download our quarterly reports that we give to Missouri Department of Natural Resources
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For more information contact David Erickson

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