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  Vulnerability Assessment of Missouri Public Drinking Water to Chemical Contamination

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This project ended June 31, 2003, after twelve continuous years.  These web pages are maintained for continued public access to the reports and data generated by the Vulnerability Assessment project.  Some of the products and deliverables of this project were carried over to the FY 2004 Source Water Inventory Project (SWIP) which ended December 2004.

The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act requires that each public water supply routinely monitor for specific chemicals. The Public Drinking Water Program in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) has the responsibility for testing each public water supply. However, if MoDNR can prove, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that a chemical is not present in an area which would affect a water source, then the test for that chemical at that water source can be waived. Issuance of testing waivers can result in considerable cost savings. more >>

GIS Data Notice: Due to security concerns, the GIS datasets have moved to a password protected website.  For further information or to request access, please contact David Erickson, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Water Resources Center, (573) 368-2332.

This project was funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and was administered by the
Public Drinking Water Program

For more information contact David Erickson

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